Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Do you want your home to be protected from intruders and trespassers Or keep your pets and kids safe? Then you must be thinking of surrounding your home with fences. However, fencing does not need to cost you a fortune.

Be it covering your front and back yard from wildlife or putting your nosy neighbors to a halt, here are the top 5 great fencing ideas. Moreover, they also add to the control aspect. Based on your needs, you can thus find strong wooden fences to low maintenance your vinyl fences. 

Pinewood panels: If you require to just guard your home against wildlife and keep your kids within the premises, these pinewood panels are the best choice. They come in different sizes and are treated like wood. The treatment makes the pinewood hard and rot-resistant, which makes these woods more durable and require low maintenance post-installation. Moreover, these handpicked fences provide good security and keep wildlife away from your home. However, natural wood tends to twist or warp. Thus, lumbar support is required.

Chain link fencing: These fences are quite popular to cover a large yard within a small budget. It comprises of thick wires that are bent and hooked together. It is a pretty good fence to keep the animals out. You can also connect it to a volt switch to electrify the wires at night. This will keep burglars out and make your home safe. However, the chain links are not appealing to the eye due to the gaps between the wires. It is a great utility and pocket-friendly fence.

Lattice top wooden fence: This fencing idea is most liked by the users who want to add an aesthetic appeal to their home, but also want to protect their premise from intruders. They look very good if your home has a county touch, and is usually divided into two parts. The first is the base, which is made of solid wood and then there is a top. The top is made either with wood or metal designed in a criss-cross pattern. Moreover, this design is very pocket-friendly. You have to pay less for the lattice top than the conventional full-height fence.  

Wrought iron fences: Iron fences are strong and durable than wooden fences as they are easy to install the fences. Usually, a wrought iron fencing technique involves multiple sticks of forged iron bars, which are welded together. These fences bring back the dramatic décor of the Gothic era and add an appeal to your home. These fences are vertically oriented with an inch space between the bars. They are available in different designs and height, and accordingly the pricing is also computed. Moreover, these irons are galvanized to make them corrosion-resistant, but the price will be on the higher side. You can also look for low-carbon iron alloy for installation as they can be cost-effective. 

Hog wire fencing: This last fencing idea of our list is the hog wire fences, which are made up of both wood and metal. Wood forms the frame while metal wires are wound in a grid. This is a very appealing fence for budget-conscious homeowners. It makes your home look attractive and serve the purpose of security. The grid helps to keep your pets inside without missing the beauty of nature. It also keeps the stray animals away and prevents loitering in your premises.

These fences will not eat up your savings, rather it will provide you with the security and added value to your home. So, which one of the above are you selecting? You can also ask for free visit consultation by experts to understand what will suffice your fencing needs.