Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

“Help me sell my house!” These words can be spoken by the homeowner who needs urgent money to move or pay something, such as late mortgage payments that can be accrued in terms of interest every day.

People who have gone through this know that it can be unpleasant to wait and expect buyers to arrive at the door, especially when time has an essence.

Chances are that the desperate home seller has already tried common approaches in the book, from putting the sign “on rent” to advertising in newspaper ads or even online lists, but buyers seem to be always responsible.

When word of mouth, the distribution of neighboring brochures, as well as announcements and even sentences that say “help me sell my house” do not seem to work, it’s time to think about what’s missing.

Focus on advertising

The first step to quickly sell a house in the current market is to reorient your advertising strategy. People know perfectly well that the current real estate market has difficulties, so they look for value. Your ads should scream GANGA! This means that you are asking for a price at market value or below the market price. Use phrases like “below market value” and “move your material today” to excite the excitement towards your home.

Note: Although the idea here is to announce a low price, it is just a strategy to create an immediate flow of traffic to your property. Later, you can get your customers to manage the price higher than previously thought possible.

Add value for your home

There are several ways to increase the realized value of your home. Here is a short list of some of the simplest configurations you can do:

1) Increase the appeal of your spell by creating the look of your home. It’s pretty easy, since all you need to do is cut grass, plant trees and possibly hang some wind chimes. The properties of water and fences are also good additives.

2) Replace lights, shower heads and outdated door handles. IKEA usually has everything you need, pretty cheap. You have to look for a modern look, but still mix it with your house.

3) Eat the kitchen and the bathroom, since they are the 2 most important rooms of the house, as far as possible. Again, think about lamps, handles, sinks, etc.

This will help a lot if the house does not deteriorate. Anyone who finds out that says “help me sell my house” to a friend or real estate agent, can get better results with the latter.

An online real estate agent can facilitate the sale of your home without attracting an average person. The package of services may include an assessment of the free property valuation. Then the proposal will be followed, which will be reduced in market value to attract investors.

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