Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

During a recession period, everyone is conscious of trying to save money. This can have a huge effect on the sales of specialized, hand made items, such as Children’s Bedroom Furniture – even more so if those items are also hand painted – as costs are higher than mass produced Children’s bedroom furniture ranges.

One way to keep going if you are a small unique company – is to look at your product range and see if it is possible to expand or offer a different product/service.

Kent based ‘Chartley Bedrooms’ have been able to survive the current recession by increasing their range of budget products. They now offer a handmade Mid-sleeper bed in the ‘Plain & Simple’ style which is easier and quicker to manufacture, thereby the price can be lower than the traditionally hand painted or color trimmed Mid-sleeper beds.

They have also been promoting more the sale of recycled (or 2nd hand) re-furbished goods – that are taken back in part exchange on any outgrown items that customers have previously purchased. This in itself has made a huge difference to keeping the company firmly afloat during these difficult times.

The companies re-painting scheme has also been expanded to help previous customers update their already owned items – by giving a favorite piece a new life – at a fraction of the cost of buying new! This is an excellent way of changing the look of a now teenagers bedroom – and still allowing you to keep the original bedroom furniture.

All the above is only possible if the original items have been manufactured to a very high standard and have stood the test of time! The higher cost of purchasing this type of furniture in the beginning – is proving to be a worth while investment – as it can be either part exchanged or re-painted – it still has a value. If much cheaper, mass produced furniture is purchased – to save money- it does not mean that furniture will last – it may well need replacing sooner than you would have expected – so you will end up buying again – and the savings you originally thought you had made – are lost!

When purchasing children’s bedroom furniture, always buy the best you can afford – and preferably from a British company.

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