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If space is limited at home and your hallway is rather narrow, you could build an exterior porch and acquire a few extra square metres at the same time. Alternatively, you may already have an open porch, which you use as an area to keep shoes and other accessories, and by removing the existing front door and replacing it with a custom made unit that fits on the exterior porch frame, you then have an enclosed area that becomes part of your living space.

All in the Design

The best way to go about designing a porch is to call in an expert, and there are local companies that replace doors and windows with customised solutions, and a company such as this would be able to suggest many designs. There are, for example, door specialists in Pinner who can create a unique combination that enhances the look of your home and gives you valuable living space at the same time.

In Keeping with the House

Of course, the design would need to blend with the existing structure, and if there is any brickwork involved, identical bricks would need to be sourced. If your home has already had the windows replaced with aluminium or UPVC frames, then using similar materials, the porch can become part of the house, so to speak.

Double Glazing

Ideally, the porch would be mainly double glazed units, with tasteful frames, and with made to measure units, there is no objective that cannot be overcome. Using glass gives you that added warmth, even on a chilly winter morning, the porch would be nice and warm. Double glazing also eliminates condensation, which can seriously damage the interior of your home, and with thermally insulated aluminium framing, there will be no condensation on the frames either. This also gives the homeowner added security, as double glazed units are notoriously difficult to break, and burglars are more than aware of the fact.

Working to Budget

Whatever the size or design you have in mind, you will have to decide on your budget for the project, and this will enable the door company to come up with some suggestions. If you use an established local company with a good reputation in the area, then you can be sure of a first class job, and if you happen to know someone who had recently had a porch built and they are happy with it, then you might as well approach that company.

While your new porch will no doubt look great when first completed, you want something that can withstand the British climate, and unless you enjoy staining and varnishing, you should consider aluminium, as it is non-corrosive and maintenance free. Quality is a word that should be at the forefront of your mind when thinking about adding to the building, and if your budget is a little on the low side, take out a home improvement loan, and after a few years, you’ll be glad you did.

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