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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Under the ground, there is so much energy stored. Ground source heat pumps are used to absorb this heat energy from the ground and use it for day to day activities like heating. Ground source heat pumps are consisted with ground loops which are buried under the ground to extract heat. A mixture of water and antifreeze is circulated around these ground loops. Then this mixture or fluid absorbs the heat from the ground and passes to the heat pump through a heat exchanger.

Usually the heat is absorbed to the fluid under low temperatures. But then it passes to a compressor which is used to increase the temperature of the heat absorbed, so that, it can be used for purposes like heating water. We can absorb more heat from longer ground loops. But to bury a longer ground loop, there must be more space. If there’s nto enough space, a vertical loop can be installed.

Benefits of ground source heat pumps.

  • It can heat your home and water in the winter season.
  • It can be used to reduce your fuel bill.
  • Minimum maintenance needed.
  • No fuel delivery needed.

Air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps can generate heat which can be used to heat your home or you can use that heat for other purposes like heating water. When it comes to the process in the air source heat pump, it can be explained as follows. Air source heat pump absorbs heat from the atmosphere in to a fluid in the heat pump system under lower temperatures. As in ground source heat pumps, that absorbed heat transferred in to a compressor, where that low temperatures convert in to high temperatures. Then that heat enters to the heat pump system in the home. The interesting factor about these air source heat pumps is that it can absorb heat from air even when it is at lower temperatures as -15oC.

When it comes to the air source heat pump systems, there are two main types. First one is Air-to-water heat pump system. Under this system, heat is distributed through your wet central heating system and efficiency of heat pumps is high when compared to the standard boiler systems. The other type of system is Air-to-air heat pump system. These systems generate warm air and circulated by fans.

Benefits of Air source heat pumps

  • It can be used to reduce your fuel bill.
  • Installation process is simple when compared to ground source heat pumps.
  • No fuel delivery is needed.
  • Minimum maintenance required.

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