Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

As they say, kitchens are the heart and soul of any home. After all, this is where you cook meals for your family and get bonded with them while cooking together. Therefore, one must ensure that this special place or room of the house is well planned and designed. It should be both practically functional and beautiful.

Here are some ideas and tips for new kitchen designs.

  • Careful planning of the Kitchen Triangle – Keep the kitchen triangle, comprising of refrigerator, stove and sink obstruction free. As the sink sees the most action, it should be easier to access, and it should be closer to the plumbing. Regardless of the kitchen’s size and layout, the work triangle should not be small.
  • Find the right height for the appliances – There are different kitchen appliances, and some of the most common are toasters, coffee makers and microwave.  One should work out the correct height and location for each of the appliance used in the kitchen and ensures that they are easy to access and are safer and more suitable.
  • Do not waste Storage Space – Kitchens contain lots of oddly shaped items, and it is a big mistake not to have enough storage in the new kitchen designs. The result will be lots of wasted space if adequate planning and forethought have not been put into the project. Designer storage places are the new trend.
  • Do not ignore recycling – Make recycling easy with separate containers for glass, plastic, and metal. The new kitchen designs deal with trash more efficiently and place different sorting bins for recyclables.
  • Get sufficient Counter Space – Another common complaint is the lack of proper counter space. The kitchen countertops need to house lots of appliances and handle kitchen activities as well. One can add an island to their kitchen to increase the counter space.
  • Cut down the cleaning time – Careful new kitchen designs indeed make cleaning easier. For example, when you use glass shelves in the refrigerator, they can catch any spills. As the undermount sinks don’t carry a crumb-catching rim, it means that one need not worry about the rim. Also, if you use a Matte finish, the dirt won’t show as much as a glossy one does.
  • Make sure that there is good lighting – The kitchen needs to have good lighting, and it is not just about highlighting the aesthetics, it is also about the safety aspects. Focus proper light primarily in the work areas. The new kitchen designs make use of good lighting elements to enhance the beauty of the kitchen.
  • Give due importance to a Backsplash – When you design a kitchen; it is easy to slip the backsplash. However, it can be an expensive mistake in the long term as all that steam, water and grease will soon start showing in the kitchen. This is why it is very essential to install a backsplash above the cooktop and counters. Working in the kitchen with water splashing is very uneasy to deal. It makes it a lot easier to get rid of all that grime and dirt.
  • Adequate ventilation – No one likes working in a stuffy kitchen with poor ventilation. A kitchen with proper ventilation would not leave any odours or smells lingering in the air. A good ventilation system is an essential element of the new kitchen designs, and it keeps the indoor air quality fresh and keeps the kitchen a lot cleaner.

The interior designer can be hired because they help with a lot of thing a normal person cannot remember. An extra bit of help is always welcomed especially if it is worthwhile. One can always look up the internet for new and unique designs for their kitchen. So, let’s get started to create a new kitchen!

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