Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

One of the things that distinguishes wood is its versatility. When it has been suitably treated, it can sit just as well outdoors as it does indoors. Obviously, wood belongs outdoors, and so many varieties will have natural resistance to the various challenges that can persist in an outdoor setting.Teak, originating from the Teconta grandis tree, which is native to south and southeast Asia, is a wood that is not only prized for its beautiful aesthetic but is also widely used because it is so versatile, and suitable for outdoor furniture like patio furniture.

Of course teak is also well used in indoor furniture. It is chosen for indoor use because of its unique and exotic aesthetic. It is a dark, rich wood, and has a density that characterises it from other popular woods like pine, this is because the Tectona grandis grows at a slower rate than the pine.)

For outdoor furniture teak really comes into its own. The Tectona grandis has evolved for many millions of years to be resistant to a range of challenges that occur outdoors. So teak is very rich in natural oils that help to prevent warping as well as repelling pests.

When used as furniture, teak retains many of these special qualities. So, if you choose teak tree seats you can be comfortable (quite literally) that they will be able to bear the challenge of being in situ outdoors with aplomb.

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