Sun. May 26th, 2024

The market for artificial grass has increased manifold over the couple of years; mainly because of its environmental and economical benefits. More than the artificial grass, people now have started using carpet grass for their homes and gardens; as they increase the aesthetic beauty of the house both from inside and outside. Because of its increased demand a number of carpet manufacturing industries in India have started manufacturing grass carpets on a large scale. 

Benefit of grass carpets

  • The grass carpets help in providing lawns for the families to enjoy and have a gala time in the gardens. They also provide safe and the best green space for the kids to play.
  • The carpets are long lasting and hardly get spoilt; in short giving you full guarantee for your money.
  • The carpet is also stain resistant which means pets can also play on it as it is easy to clean.
  • They are also environmental friendly because they do not need any fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides.
  • The carpet also doesn’t require any watering; so it also helps in saving water.
  • These grass carpets are easy to install and also easy to maintain.
  • They carpets do not require any mowing so therefore no emission or noise pollution is produced.
  • Unlike the natural grass, no weeds or moss grow on the grass carpet.

With the sale of grass carpets being increased over the past few years; one can easily find carpet grass suppliers in India. More than the normal fur and jute carpets; people prefer buying grass carpets for their home, terrace and garden area. But while selecting a grass carpet one should just keep a few tips in mind.

Tips for selecting grass carpets

  • Choose a carpet that is durable- Keep in mind the number of people who would step on the carpet; if you have a large family and pets then that means a lot of pressure would be put on the carpet. In such a situation it is advisable to choose a strong carpet that can handle a lot of pressure.
  • Keep the soil in consideration- One should seek to choose and buy a grass carpet according to the soil in which the grass can sustain.
  • Keep the maintenance costs in mind- Most of the grass carpets are easy to maintain; but without any professional advice one might clean the grass inappropriately, which can lead to the damage of the carpet. In order to avoid this always consult the carpet seller regarding how the carpet needs to be cleaned and maintained.
  • Choose the best company- An ideal company is one which installs the carpet for you at a reasonable cost and also gives a warranty on the carpet. So go for a company who is cooperative and helps in installing of grass and also gives a warranty.

These are the few things one should actually be aware of before buying a grass carpet.

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