Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Such is the quality of the aluminium bi-folding door, it has overtaken the French and patio door arrangement as the most requested door type in the UK.

Not only does it offer the same security benefits as the other types of door, you will also benefit from large open spaces which give excellent views out onto your garden as well as the unique feature of the doors themselves; the ability to completely free up any space by folding the doors fully back to create a large unobstructed opening.

For these reasons and many more, architects and interior designers all over the world have been incorporating bi-folding doors into new designs. Yet with careful planning, you can get even more from the addition of bi-folding doors at your property. As bi-folding door industry experts explain, you can get more from any bi-folding door.

Use them in small spaces

Adding bi-folding doors at the end of a dark corridor or at the rear of the house can help to draw the eye outside making the room naturally appear bigger. In the same way adding magnolia paint makes a room feel airy and spacious, a large glass pane does the same thing. If you have an outward opening concertina door too, you also maximise internal space and when open give the impression of a very large room, by drawing the attention outside.

Mix up the colours

Adding bi-folding doors for some people might just be a replacement, however for many it is to take advantage of the great benefits. With this in mind you could enhance its feature by adding a high quality grey RAL colour for the frames. Not only will this give the impression of a modern and futuristic home, but it will also draw the eye to the corner of the doors making them look even bigger than they are. (Extra kudos points if you are showing them off to friends).

The low threshold of the door

Bi-folding doors have a low threshold meaning you have a very low step-over compared to sliding or French doors. Again if you are in a space that is small, you should consider matching the colour of the frame to the flooring internally as this will give the impression of a larger room again. The low step also helps to keep floor levels the same and again gives the impression of larger unobstructed space.

The benefits of large amounts of uninterrupted glass

Having large panes of solid glass that is uninterrupted allows for huge amounts of natural light to enter the building. If your house is south facing, during the summer months you could get over 12 hours of direct sunlight into the home per day. According to medical researchers, sunlight plays a huge part in your daily mood and also has medical benefits if you are suffering from illnesses. A well-positioned bi-folding door that you can also open to get fresh air, as well as close but allow light into the home could enhance your medical health and improve your outlook on life.

These are just some of the many additional benefits that installing bi-folding doors to your property could have and explain how installing them wisely could enhance not only your lifestyle but also your livelihood. When designed and installed well, these doors provide huge personal and financial value.

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