Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

We all want a touch of elegance in our homes. Whether it is a luxurious bedspread, tasteful tables or fancy furniture, nice decorations and installations can radically change how we see our rooms. One trend currently sweeping the world of interior design is a suitably stately approach to home decorating. Incorporating classy, iconic French courtesan motifs, and a deliberately weather beaten, rustic approach, shabby chic furniture could be the ideal way to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom or living room.

Why Shabby Chic?

It may seem like a curious combination of styles. In the world of design though, opposites certainly attract. The pairing of a run down paint effect on bedside tables, display cabinets and a chest of drawers built with a slim, delicate framework combine to make a dynamic result that commands any room it finds itself in.

Antique Appeal

The antique appeal is certainly a key factor to the success of shabby chic. Sometimes modern furniture can seem flat, bland, almost too perfect. Shabby chic turns this approach on its head and delivers durable items made out of composite wood that have the appearance of a beloved family heirloom. Antique furniture instantly adds a hint of sophistication, and now this can be achieved without having to spend a small fortune on an ancient art effect.

With a choice of items to choose from, including French shabby chic bedroom furniture, this is one fashion movement that is built to age well.

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