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A drain is an important part of the sewage system in a building, which takes out all the liquid wastes from the house interiors.  It is necessary for every household to keep the drains clear of all obstacles, to maintain the steady outward flow of used water and other liquids from kitchens and bathrooms. The blocked drains can cause a huge mess at home, due to the overflowing waste water in kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and toilet. Some simple DIY techniques are available for clearing the blockage of their drains, which aid in restoring the normal condition of drainage system.

Effective steps that can clear up the Blocked Drains

Prevent the blockage – It is best to try for keeping the kitchen and bathroom sinks clean so that no solid substance can pass into the drainpipes. Normally, grease from cooking oil, bits of food particles, fallen hairs and similar sticky objects can be the reasons of blocked drains. So it is best to keep these substances off the sinks and clean the drainpipes with large water pressure regularly.

Use natural cleaning agent – The house owners may try a few simple household materials for cleaning the blockage of their drainpipes. Baking soda or caustic soda is a useful substance that is available in all kitchens.

A cup of dry baking soda powder should be poured down the sink, followed by double quantity of boiling water.

After this solution of baking powder passes through the drain, it is better to pour another cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar into the sink.

The sink should be sealed for a few minutes now, when lots of bubbles are seen to be coming out.

Finally, another cup of boiling water may be poured to ensure that the blocked drains are fully cleared. Actually, the heat of boiling water expands the joints of drainpipes; while baking soda and vinegar reacts to form oxygen, which dissolve all blockage materials.

Pour cleansing chemicals – There are some chemicals now available in the local stores, which act as good cleansing agents of drain blockages. These chemicals are powerful enough to dissolve all types of substances that block the drainpipes.  It is best to check whether these chemicals are environment-friendly and also should be hygienically safe for the users. The instructions printed on the label of these packs should be read and followed carefully, to clear up the blocked drains without causing any harm to the metal or PVC pipes. If any safety measure is advised for using those chemicals, it should be strictly followed too.

Apply plumbing tools – Different kinds of plumbing tools can be used for opening up the U-bend and joints of drainpipes. A plunger is very useful for clearing the blocked drains and toilets. This tool is mainly effective in forcing out all the solid materials from the drainpipes, but it may not clear up the accumulated grease. Plumber’s snake is a popular plumbing instrument that acts as a fast spinning coil. It is rotated speedily within the drain, for unblocking the pipe and forcing out all waste materials. However, the user should be careful while using this tool; otherwise it may damage the walls of drainpipe. Hydro-jet is another plumbing tool for creating tremendous forces of water to clear away the blockages.

In case of a stubborn blockage in the drainpipe, it is best to hire the local plumbers for doing the job safely and effectively. The
experienced and well-trained plumbers can clear the blocked drains in a very short time, without causing any harm to the pipes. Most of these plumbers are available for 24 x 7 hours, for affordable costs. You are now ready to start with the clearing task right away.

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