Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Home Decoration Ideas

Who hasn’t dreamt of being a prince or princess at least once in their life? Half of the reasons for wanting to be one are the sheer aesthetics. While regal is often imitated, often to disastrously tacky results, with the correct house decoration ideas you can have your bedroom look like the Royal Bedchambers instead. 

It isn’t easy to pull off and isn’t always perfect, but the results are worth the risk. Especially if you know what you’re doing. 

Not only will you have a stately looking home, but you, and your house, will ooze confidence and character with these regal house decoration ideas. 

Know When to Use Gold Paint 

By tastefully and artfully using gold-painted accents, accessories, and fixtures, you can get a head start on the completely regal look. Gilded mirrors or picture frames are often great for this look. You can also have a subtle paint of gold running down the walls or across them, by having edge lines painted in gold. This will give the entire room a gilded room. Especially if your room is a lighter shade of color.

Golden paint is one of those things that only exist in extremes, however. It is either extremely tacky or extremely distinguished. There can’t be any middle ground with it. So try to be subtle with its use and not go for something like a gold-plated toilet. 

Use Long Heavy Drapes 

Not only do long, heavy drapes add character and detail to your house, but there is also something undeniably elegant in the manner they reach down to just above the floor. Drapes like this give a sense of grandness with how large, and heavy they look in comparison to lighter curtains. 

Choosing lightly colored drapes also adds to the effect, serving as highlights in the room instead of the darker shadows. Cream-toned drapes are often a go-to for this style. 

Tidy Up

Have you ever seen anything elegant look untidy? Probably not. You don’t want a mess in your rooms in order to create a regal look. It’s not just about things lying about, but you also need to get rid of the clutter. Everything should have a place and look like it belongs there. 

By having a structure and deliberate, you create the illusion of timelessness that is so often found in regal aesthetics. 

Consider Wallpaper

While paints are well and good, wallpapers offer exquisite designs that paint can hardly stand to match. Most noble households did use wallpapers as fashion statements in the latter part of the 18th century and onwards. 

Patterns like the watercolors canvas prints  , contemporary art at Canvas Art Direct  are still common and in trend but more minimalistic designs and muted colors complement today’s more subtle regal look better than the often gaudy shades used in the past. 

Parting Words 

With the right execution, you can turn your humble abode into one that befits royalty and exudes regality. Subtle style statements make more of a regal look than sheer opulence which can just be plain tacky even if costly.