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Many home-owners have jumped aboard the rising trend for replacing wall to wall carpeting with beautiful wooden flooring. There is no better way to highlight the beauty of wood floors than with decorative and practical rugs and there are numerous styles from which to choose.A Return to Retro Styles

The shag pile style that was once all the rage in the 1970s has made a big comeback recently. While some home-owners may think of this trend as somewhat passes  there is no doubt that an expensive and plush looking rug can lift the appearance of a room, making it more hip and stylish.

Even the most beautiful wood floor can seem a little bare without any covering and can make stepping out of bed a cold experience. The beauty of laying down a deep shag pile rug is that it not only looks good, but will feel warm, tactile and luxurious beneath your toes. A room-sized shag pile rug will give your bedroom the feel of a luxury hotel room.

Create Some Drama

Shaggy rugs come in a huge range of shapes and colors  Colors can be tied in with your room decor or rugs can be used to accent your furniture or the color of the wooden floor. For added warmth, choose spicy colors such as burnt orange, terracotta or paprika red. A more dramatic look can be achieved with cobalt blue or bright purple. Medium sized square or rectangular rugs can be scattered around the room, while shag pile runners can complement a hallway or a long space. Placing a large circular shape in the center  and arranging furniture around it can make the most of your space. If you’re fortunate enough to have a fireplace as a center piece, a large rectangular or semi circular rug can draw the eye to this area and highlight any features such as colorful hearth tiles.

Stylish and Simple to Care For

Shag rugs are especially attractive when used in the bathroom and can add warmth beneath the feet on a tiled floor. Choose a contrasting color to your bathroom suite and tiling. Black, for example, can look exquisitely sharp and cool against a white background. If using bright and bold colors is a bit scary for you, then neutral shades can be just as effective. In fact, a white or ivory shag rug can instantly renew the appearance of the room, making it look bright and clean. Of course, white, ivory and pale colors are a little impractical for high-traffic areas, but caring for and keeping your rugs in pristine condition is quite simple.

Vacuum your rugs at least once a week. Lift smaller rugs and take them outdoors for a good shake, or for larger room sized rugs, use a stiff sweeping brush or rug rake to bring the fibers back to life and prevent them looking crushed. Blot spills immediately and clean with a gentle detergent, such as washing up or laundry liquid. Finally, turn your rugs a few times a year to prevent fading or wear and tear.

Adriana is an Interior Design consultant who writes on home decor for a range of publications and websites. She particularly loves retro furnishings, including shaggy rugs. Shaggy rugs come in a huge range and in this article Adriana is sharing some important information with us on these rugs.

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