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The drainage system of your house is vital to take care of it, but it is the most omit part of the house. It is the most overlooked systems of the house till you face the problem of it. Actually, you cannot see it as a result, it goes out of your mind. Apparently, you may feel that these are joining of pipes that are joined together, then how these pipes can be a problem. it is an intricate system that is designed to give seals to protect your house from sewer gasses,  entering into the house, moreover, it protects the house by removing wastewater and wastes of the pipe. Therefore, Drain Maintenance is very much required to protect the house.

How the drain become blocked?

Drains become blocked when there is a huge amount of solid waste comes in between the pipe- lines. A foreign object which is very big in size and cannot grease or pass through the pipeline or the settles these objects are trapped and your pipeline problems occur. If you do not clean your pipeline for a long period, you may get the clogging in the line. This clogging may be due to the fungal growth in piping or for the bio-film, whatever the cause, it is, you are required Drain Maintenance.  Actually, the build up materials like hair or food settle down into the pipeline and become harder, which you cannot remove them these problems come to the face.  You can take many precautions to fix or prevent these drain system problems.

How to protect your lavatories and sinks

You should be careful of the grease and should not put it down into the drain of your kitchen. Instead, you can pour the cooking oil into an empty can. When that can become full, just throw it into the garbage.  You should not throw the peels of the vegetables or raw vegetables into the kitchen drain, rather you can dispose of these in a fertilizer pile or into the trash. You should throw it into the garbage disposal.

  • Should not wash tea bags, coffee grounds, or egg shells directly into the drain. You must remove the paper and throw the rest in the manure pile or in the garbage.
  • Rice and pasta will not pass through the garbage bin. Add it slowly into the disposal while running water. These are best disposed of in the trash or in a compost pile.
  • Be careful about the amount of food that you are putting down into the kitchen drain. It would be better to flush the pipes.
  • Should not put any types of materials that cannot rot down any drain.
  • Be careful of the hair that goes down the lavatory drain very easily and clogged the line.  Dispose of it in the trash.
  • By regular using of baking soda or vinegar or drain clear you can improve the drainage system.
  • You must clean the sink and then let it go and flush your piping

For Toilets

You will never like to use an uncleaned toilet. The best way to a cleaning of the toilet bowl is to clean it regularly with vinegar and baking soda. You just spray all around the toilet bowl with vinegar. You have to pour vinegar into the bowl, sprinkle baking soda and use the brush to clean it. You can use scrubber also.

For Bathtubs and Showers

Do not allow hair go down into the drain. Clean the falling hair from the strainer, and throw it into the trash. If the water in the bathroom does not pass easily and becomes slow or clogs then you have to apply a mixture of vinegar, baking soda or the drain cleaner.

Follow the Precautions

  1. Don’t mix chemicals or follow one brand to another brand without checking for compatibility. Mixing cleaners may be the cause of the explosion.
  2. Don’t look down the drain after giving the chemical. The solution gets boils up and leaves off the toxic fumes.
  3. Wear rubber gloves to prevent the chemical from burning your skin.
  4. Never use a plunger if a chemical cleaner is present in the drain; you risk splashing the chemical on yourself.
  5. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.
  6. Never remove a trap with chemicals present; in that case you may fall into a risk that burns your skin. Call a professional, and inform him of what chemical you used.

Thus, you should clean your drain regularly, because drain maintenance is a vital part of cleaning.

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