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Even the best showers aren’t that great without a suitable trap. A shower trap is one of the more overlooked aspects when buying a new shower, yet it couldn’t be more important. By creating a trap at the shower drain, potent smelling gas from inside of drainage pipes is kept inside, preventing nasty smells emerging from the shower drain.

Moreover, the design of a shower trap impacts how well water drains during a shower, while helping to prevent blockages caused by hair, shampoo, shower gel etc.

So, if you’re buying a new shower or want better drainage in your current one, then a quality shower trap is a must. Here’s everything you need to know about shower traps.

What is a shower trap?

A shower trap is a type of waste trap specifically designed for a shower. In plumbing, a waste trap is a pipe fitting used to hold water that blocks nasty gases produced by drained toilet waste. As the gas attempts to make its way back through the pipes, a waste trap prevents this by using water to trap gases – hence the name waste trap.

Shower traps are designed to fit the unique requirements of a shower. For instance, a shower trap tends to be much narrower than other traps, such as a U-trap fitted beneath a basin. They must also deal with different types of waste compared to a toilet or sink, namely hair and various toiletries used when showering.

Benefits of a Good Shower Trap

Whether buying a new shower with an updated shower trap or replacing a faulty trap in your current shower, there are many benefits of using a quality shower trap.

The most obvious of these is keeping bad odours from developing in your shower. There’s a lot bad smells that develop in our drainage pipes, and the only thing keeping them a bay is a waste trap. With a good shower trap, you never need to worry about bad smells emanating from your pipes.

Another great advantage of using a good shower trap is faster drainage. Old shower traps don’t always come with the fastest drainage, especially when considering the increased power of showers that produce more water than ever. A great shower trap prevents water back ups as you shower.

Better still, a great shower trap allows you to better maintain drainage pipes. Without a waste catcher, a shower waste doesn’t prevent hairs and personal care products from going down the pipes, where it may develop into a blockage. With a modern shower trap, simply remove waste as it builds up, making blockages a thing of the past.

Buying Considerations for a Shower Trap

Size – Always ensure the shower trap is the correct size. This includes the fitting that attaches to the drainage pipe, and the overall size of the trap. Fittings a measured in millimetres, so check the size of your current shower if replacing to make sure they match, and always ensure the trap itself is shallow enough to fit beneath the shower tray.

Materials – Plastic shower traps are the best, as they aren’t susceptible to rotting. You may want a shower trap that has a chrome fitting on the exterior for a more stylish drain in the shower.

Cleaning – A good shower trap should make cleaning quick and easy, so look for things like top access to let you easily get into the trap. A removable filter section is a great addition, as these allow you to remove debris build-ups to keep the waste flowing freely and prevent blockages from hair.

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