Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

If you are thinking to enhance the look of your house instantly then you need to think about flooring options. Irrespective of what interior theme you wish to have, natural stone flooring will work the best. With any stone tiles, you can have the most stylish, effective and beautiful look to the entire space. Besides improving the appearance of the home, natural stones also offer practicality to the space as it gives unlimited benefits to the property. In addition to this, there is wide array of options available with respect to the natural stone tiles and one has the liberty to choose any based on their basic requirements.

Types of Natural Stone Tiles

As already mentioned, there are plenty of options with respect to the natural stones for flooring homes. Here are some of the major ones along with the significant benefits of stone tiles.

  1. Marble: It is one of the most common flooring options that is chosen by many households. It is the best choice for any room in the house, as it is not just chosen for looks but also for functional purposes. Although it is an expensive choice, the outcome is really beneficial. The marble stays intact for many long years. In addition to this, there are again many color alternatives under marble category, and the house owner can choose any depending on the interior of the house.

  1. Limestone: Many people prefer to have limestone for flooring; it is best suited in the living areas of the house. Basically, it is available in two categories, one is hard and other one is soft. Both are very well recommended for both interiors as well as exteriors of the house. However, as this is a porous stone there is high probability of staining and discoloration on the tiles. Hence, extra precaution has to be taken after fixing limestone.

  2. Granite: This is actually the first choice of almost all home owners. There are many benefits that a household can reap after installing granite as a flooring option. Some of them include resistance to wear and tear, less maintenance, and resistive to any amount of traffic and dirt. It is also affordable in price and is available in a lot of darker shades. It is well suitable in bathrooms and kitchens, as it offers functionalities as well.

  3. Travertine: If you wish to give a traditional look to your home then think about the travertine. It looks similar to marble in many cases and gives out a smooth finish to the entire space. This category of stone tiles comes in different textures such as holes, rounds, pits and more. Overall, one can get an old school charm look to the house with these tiles, especially in the living area.

  4. Slate: Some home owners do not like to touch their flooring for decades after installing for the first time. If you fall in such cases then you should go with slate tiles for flooring. It is the most durable alternative and is suitable for kitchens, living area and anywhere where there is an expectation of high footfall. Usually, it is found in colors such as green, brown and gray which are perfect for both interiors and exteriors of any house. It is reasonably priced, hence preferred by a lot of people.

Before you select any option from the above list, understand your requirements along with your budget. Based on your needs, you can make a right selection. In addition to this, do not forget to purchase high quality tiles as flooring is a onetime investment and one should never compromise on the quality.

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