Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

For a safe and fresh air, it is always necessary to install a dehumidifier at your home or may be in office. It is the ultimate solution for number of problems like bad odor in the house which is the result of dust, mold and mildew that grows in high humidity, health related problems like respiratory problem, allergies, skin dryness, sneezing etc., the loss that it creates by damaging our furniture, interior, curtains, wall papers, clothes and what not. So it is very important to buy the best dehumidifier to get rid of all such problems.

Dehumidifiers comes in different sizes, from portable to large, for small area, whole house, basements and so on.  So it is very important to have the exact idea where to install, what capacity you need, your house humidity range etc. check if the moisture is confined to any particular area only like basement, only one room or you want for whole house. Whatever your needs are, dehumidifiers are available according to your preferred size and capacity. If you have smaller area that is high in humidity, portable humidifiers are the best needed which are budget friendly and easy to operate. You just need to buy according to the pint and plug into the wall. If you have larger space or whole house to cover, then be ready to spend some money because they might not be as cheap as portable dehumidifiers as it need more capacity, function and energy. Professional installation is recommended as it is more complex with drainpipe that needs to be emptied into the outdoor or slop sink.

Capacity is calculated in areas square feet. Starting from 500 square feet, dehumidifier that can hold 10 pint water is ideal. For 1000 square feet, 14 pint and likewise. Along with area, the dampness has also to be noted. For example for very damp area instead of 10 pint use 12 pint for 500 square feet area. Along with that don’t forget to choose the best which is energy star certified to use the maximum energy efficiently.

Just installing isn’t enough. Cleaning it once a moth is very important with mild detergent. That is most of the dehumidifiers comes with removable and washable air filters to improve the air quality and provide fresher air. As models differ, some models are specially designed for basements, so make clear before buying. They can range from 50 to 800 watts that you can select according to your personal preference and needs. Also don’t forget to consider the number of people in the house, the number of doors and windows, whether there is washer drier and all as all of it has a role in determining the exact dehumidifier for your home. When all the other things are checked, the ratings and the review of good dehumidifiers available in the market will help you decide what to buy and what will be the best for you. Thus enhance the comfort of your home by installing a reliable and efficient dehumidifier and breath without fear.

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