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Window roller shutters are an additional treatment to home that performs various functions to benefit the owners. By rightly choosing roller shutters, it is possible to improve aesthetics of home when seen from outside. It will also improve the ambience indoor. They are the best choice to insulate from the noise outside and make it harder for the intruders break, while giving way to those inside to escape through.

Roller shutters are also known as sectional overhead door or roller door. This is the type of window or door shutter that consist many horizontal slats hinged together. This door is raised for opening and lowered for closing. It can also be motorized for large doors. This shutter gives good protection from rain and wind and is used in front of the window to give protection from burglary and vandalism attempts.

How is Rollers Shutters Used?

Roller shutters have several applications. They can be used for garages, vans, kitchens, prisons, schools, warehouses and more. They can be best used in areas that are exposed more severe weather. Windows can be greatly protected from hail damages.

Types of Roller Shutters

Before attempting to buy roller shutters, it is important to know available at the types and their operation. To give a guide, here follows types of roller shutters:

  1. Built-in Shutter: In this type, the roller shutter box is built to lintel above window.
  2. Built-on Shutter: In this type, the roller shutter box is built-in and fixed to exterior of building façadeIntegrated Roller shutter: Here, both the window and roller shutter are combined as one single unit.
  3. Manual: This shutter come with gear drive that is traced through building façade to the universal joint on the side of room, which is operated by a winding handle.
  4. Shutter with Tilting Laths: This type is similar to the external venetian blind and it comes with laths to tilt.
  5. Manual Tape: Tape drive that is around a flange on roller is traced through faced. Pulley is used to guide inertia reel on room side.
  6. Fire shutters: This can be either manual or electric and it uses wood metal. Weight bar is used for closing roller shutter or it can also be linked to fire alarm system to automatically close, when there occurs any fire.
  7. Electric shutter: This comes with tubular motor that is fitted within roller. It can also be operated automatically.

Tips to Choose:

On knowing the types of roller shutters available at, it is now important to know certain things before choosing the one for home.

  • Benefits of each type of shutter must be overlooked before buying. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages; however, it is essential to be very specific in choosing according to individual requirements.
  • Security must be taken into considerations with foremost importance. Any shutter chosen must be efficient in providing better security, preventing theft or damages. It should also provide better safety to the people inside.
  • Budget is another important factor to be considered. While many types of roller shutters are here, price become an important factor to decide which type and material of shutter to select. However, while considering quality, security and safety, prices will obviously be higher.

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