Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

These days, it is easier than ever before for consumers to purchase new items for their bathrooms. Whether they are after complete bathroom suites or simply want to replace showers, baths or toilets, they can head online and take their pick from an impressive selection of products. The process of buying items like this is quick and simple, which is handy for those with busy schedules. 

It seems demand for top-quality bathroom products may be high. After all, Britons spend a lot of time in this part of their homes. New research from Dyno Rod has revealed that many people do much of their thinking while in their bathrooms.

Of the individuals it polled, 40 per cent said their best eureka moments occur when they are soaking in the tub or standing under a shower. This put the humble bathroom well ahead of the workplace in terms of inspirational thinking. Only 12 per cent said they find inspiration in their offices.

Also, the standard of bathrooms could have a major impact on consumers’ lives. The research revealed that Britons spend an average of at least 22 minutes in their bathrooms every day. Over the course of a lifetime, this equates to 449 days.

Meanwhile, Dyno Rod found that 24 per cent of people reflect on things while they are on the loo, and 18 per cent read papers or magazines. Perhaps slightly disturbingly, 32 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds admitted to texting while on the loo.

In addition, 45 per cent of the women polled identified toilet seats being left up as one of their pet peeves. Also, 64 per cent of both male and female respondents stated that leaving an empty toilet roll is the most annoying bathroom habit.

It seems spiders are not popular visitors to these rooms. Finding a one of these arachnids in the tub was identified as the top bathroom disaster by 42 per cent of respondents. Meanwhile, blocking the toilet took poll position, with 46 per cent of the people polled saying this as their pet hate.

Women appear to be the clumsier sex when it comes to dropping mobile phones down the loo, with one in seven female respondents admitting to this. In contrast, only one in ten men had made the same mistake.

Commenting on the central role of bathrooms within properties, Dyno Rod director David Alexander said: “Whether it’s arguments over not putting the seat down or escaping to read the newspaper, the toilet is an integral part of our home.”

There is no reason for consumers to put up with substandard bathrooms. By heading online, they can choose from an array of quality bathroom suites and, by scouting out impressive deals, they can ensure they do not blow their budgets.

Revamping bathrooms can also prove to be a savvy investment. If and when people come to sell their homes, it pays to have a luxurious and stylish bathroom. This is one aspect of properties that potential buyers tend to focus on.

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