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A surface made of polished concrete does have its own glow and hence, to retain the surface glow it has to be taken care of. For better durability of the surface, good maintenance and repairing are a necessary action.  Highly refined and polished floors require extra attention as the surface is delicate enough to be handled. But it is to remind that the cleaning hacks of the residential surface and the surface use in the commercial place differ. When a surface made of polished concrete is huge in size it is advisable to hire contractors or a team of a mason to work on a polished floor surface. Generally, the enormous industrial spaces which are huge, and the polished floors are tough to be cleaned must be vacated as the surface gets trampled by thousands every single day.

When a team of Mason is hired for polished concrete surface maintenance, the client should be aware of the technology they are supposed to use. The state of the art has developed in leaps and bounds and hence, modern machinery is in use instead of the conventional mops. Sweeping technology has become more modern and hence, electric sweeping machines and sweeping guns are used these days. The maintenance must be gentle to retain the glow of the polish; the surface must not get scratches while repairing and cleaning. For residential spaces, basic housekeeping works well and that should be maintained on a regular basis. To retain the glow of a surface made of polished concrete there are a few tips and tricks that needed to be remembered.

A few things to remember for retaining polished concrete surfaces

  • One must know how often the cleaning session is required. Getting the floor cleaned too often is harmful as that might erode off the surface concrete.
  • Protecting the surface by placing doormats and carpets a trick to save the place from too much erosion or debris collection
  • To wash off stains is a bit tedious and too tough. At times the stains are non-removable and for this reason, it is better to wash off the liquid as soon as possible, before the floor catches the chemicals and gets the permanent stain upon it.
  • Polished concrete surfaces can get eroded. The glow might be lessened if the footfall is high and if the surface is exposed to light, heat, dirt, and moisture for too long.
  • Regular dusting can help a lot. It decreases the stress of washing, mopping and cleaning.
  • Scrubbing and mopping is essential for polished concrete

A few cleaning hacks for polished concrete surfaces:

  • Taking Advice from Installation Contractor

While cleaning concrete surfaces that are polished, better not to use harsh chemical components upon the floor; this might get the surface eroded.  It is always suggested to talk to the contractor who got the installation of the surface done. That person can suggest the best ways for retaining the glow and treating the surface properly while getting it cleaned and maintained. In the larger industrial to clean the polished concrete area, it is advisable to go for a team of hired professionals

  • Electronic mops

Special electronic mops and rotating shaft machines are available in the market. With the help of these mops for larger surfaces can clean without hassle. The only installation is not enough, retaining the same texture of the polished concrete is required for better durability and aesthetic appeal as well. For better hygiene cleanliness should be maintained well. To maintain the floor does not only mean to protect the surface but is also about the aesthetic appearance of the space. It is about protection of the glaze and the color too. It is better to avoid harsh scrubbing and use light cleaners such as mopping liquids which are mild and gentle on the floor surface.

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