Tue. Jul 16th, 2024
Window film

It is a thin layer/surface used to be applied on glass surfaces. Most individuals use window film in their homes and workplaces due to the harsh weather. It blocks UV rays by 80-90%. It shields the eyes and skin from the sun. The film either absorbs or reflects the damaging rays, which also blocks heat from flowing through.

Furthermore, tinting is added to the film. Note that, window filming and tinting are two terms that are sometimes considered as one, but it’s not. While many window films are transparent and serve primarily to save energy and give UV protection, window tinting involves changing the tone or colour of the windows.

There Are 3 Types Of Window Films

Neutral Window Film

A neutral residential window film can help if your home has a lot of shiny or reflective surfaces. Neutral window film blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays while also reducing glare and softening shiny surfaces.

Dual-Reflective Window Film

The best option for maximum in-home privacy is dual-reflective window film. Anybody viewing your windows from the outside during the day may notice a glossy, somewhat reflected effect. Only the external side has a greater reflecting surface, so you can still see what’s outside.

Spectrally Selective Film

Spectrally selective window film is the ultimate example of technology.  It is precisely engineered to reject solar energy while remaining virtually invisible and allowing the greatest possible amount of visible light. Because there is no visible film shading or reflectivity, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of your landscape while reducing glare and solar heating.

Benefits Of Installing Window Film In Your Home Or Office

1) Shield Your Entire Home Or Office And Its Contents From Uv Rays

Everybody knows how harmful UV rays damage our skin and we apply sunscreen to protect our skin. Do you even know that it can damage our skin inside the home or office as well? Yes, you heard it right. Window mirrors do not protect our skin from harmful rays. Window films help to shield your home or office from UV rays.

2) Help To Reduce Your Home’s Or Office’s Temperature

Unfiltered windows allow harmful rays to enter your home or office and add heat inside and with all this extra heat, cooling your home or office will be more difficult and expensive during the scorching summer. Window films help to cool the temperature by rejecting the heat generated by the sun. It can make your home or office more comfortable but also it reduces the energy you need to cool the temperature.

3) Protecting Your House From Broken Windows And Glass Shards

Window films can keep your family safe from UV rays but also protect the glass from shattering. A window can break due to any reason and glass can be shattered all over. But with this window film, it can’t be shattered all over and hold the glass together. It is useful for security purposes for both homes and offices.

4) Window Films Reduces Energy Costs

Applying window film is one of the simplest ways to lower energy expenditures all throughout your home or office because it simply takes a few minutes. This is due to window film’s capacity to screen sunshine, which otherwise heats up your home or office excessively. It is simpler to keep a more suitable temperature when less sunlight enters.

5) Enhancing Your Home’s Or Office Protection While Adding A Beautiful Flair

Window films can protect your home or office from UV rays but also give a beautiful look from the outside. You can pick from a variety of options, such as coloured films that can add fresh hues to the windows in your home, decorative films that can add creative flair to your windows, or even computer-cut designs that can give your windows and house a distinctive and spectacular appearance.


There are many benefits to using Windows films. It can completely change the appearance of your home or office, both inside and out, and can be considered an essential part of your entire style.